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the universe works on a math equation

that never even ever really even ends in the end

21 May
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freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

trishcan. eighteen. drives: 93 black grand am. ideal car: VW BUS. hippie at heart: beads and tie-dye and all that jazz.

fascinated with alice in wonderland. likes drugs. (just a phase? hardly) pill popper by trade. valium. ambien. vicodin. percocet. darvocet. ritalin. adderall. etc.

the great god Speed

cheap plastic jewelry = ROCK.

quarter machines = god.

superiority complex. misses: sifl and olly. apartment 2f. oddville mtv. my so-called life. TONS OF SHOES. SHOES = LOVE. no jeans. ever. never ever jeans. never.

RIP: (doug spencer lester winston fred jr. jr. III) GUINEA PIG.

likes people. usually too much.

hears: nirvana. pink floyd. weezer. beatles. radiohead. pixies. dandy warhols. smashing pumpkins. janes addiction. modest mouse. cypress hill. new radicals. spiritualized. bob dylan. tom petty. the who. the doors. bloodhound gang. nerf herder. outkast. rage against the machine. bob marley. lou reed. foo fighters. iggy pop. john cougar. lynyrd skynyrd. dire straits. rolling stones. silverchair. joan jett. janis joplin. the anniversary. neil young. third eye blind. jimi hendrix.

books: the bell jar. the electric kool-aid acid test. wilderness. one flew over the cuckoo's nest. white oleander. the stranger.
bridge to terabithia (childhood favorite)

movies: welcome to the dollhouse. dazed and confused. girl interrupted. half baked. cheech and chong. fear and loathing in las vegas. rocky horror picture show. pi. requiem for a dream. ferris buelers day off. the breakfast club. hairspray. rock and roll high school forever. american beauty. american psycho. rock n roll high school forever.
11:11, 1960s, 60's music, 70's music, a clockwork orange, abnormal psychology, absinthe, acoustic guitars, adderall, aldous huxley, alice in wonderland, altering clothes, amphetamines, andy warhol, anorexia, beauty, big ugly vans, bluegrass, bob dylan, bongs, bouncy balls, calories, camus, cannabis, cheap stuff, chinchillas, cigarettes, coca cola, collarbones, concerts, crackpipes, cross-dressers, diy, documentaries, dreadlocks, dreaming, drugs, e.e. cummings, emaciation, english, euphoria, eyeballs, fasting, fear and loathing, fishnets, flower children, glass pipes, guinea pigs, hallucinations, head shops, high fidelity, hip bones, hippies, hookahs, hydrocodone, iced tea, iggy pop, incense, independent films, jack kerouac, jane's addiction, jimmy pop ali, junkies, kazaa, ken kesey, kids in the hall, late night conversation, lemonade, lou reed, merry pranksters, meth, mexican food, modest mouse, mp3s, my room, my so-called life, newports, nintendo, old hippie guys, opium, perry farrell, pez dispensers, pink floyd, pinstripe pants, plastic, polka dots, poppies, pretty boys, protesting, psychiatry, psychology, quarter machines, rastafari, restricting, road trips, rock and roll, rocking out, running, sarcasm, scrapbooking, self-medication, shaggy hair, shoes, sidewalk chalk, sifl and olly, sketch comedy, sleep, sloths, slurpees, slushes, smoothies, sparkly stuff, speed, stars, starvation, sunsets, syd barrett, sylvia plath, the beatles, the doors, the merry pranksters, the simpsons, the sixties, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tie dye, timothy leary, tom petty, transcending the bullshit, vicodin, vintage clothing, vinyl, volvos, vw buses, wal-mart, welcome to the dollhouse, wildflowers, writing